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Extreme Web Hosting Plan

You can now host an UNMETERED number of website's on this hosting plan.

Our Extreme Web Plan is perfect for larger websites, or if you have multiple websites that you want to host. As well as an UNMETERED number of websites, it also comes with an UNMETERED number of domain based email accounts, an UNMETERED number of sub domains and an UNMETERED number of MySQL databases.!

As with all our other plans, it is packed full of advanced features. You self manage everything yourself via the Online Hosting Control Panel (cPanel™), allowing you to add email addresses, and add sub domains with ease.

Extreme Web Plan at a glance:

UNMETERED Domain Email Accounts
Web Hosting Control Panel (cPanel)
Web Site Statistics
6,000 MB Diskspace
80,000 MB (apx 80 GB) Traffic / Month
Plus loads more

Check out a full list of the main features by referring to the table on the right hand side of this page. To compare this plan with our other plans click here.

Ready to order this hosting plan? Simply click the order button below.

Please note that this hosting plan has a single CPanel hosting control panel. All resources for add-on domains/websites are shared with the primary account.

Domain Registration Charges are an additional fee.

Powered with cPanel™
click here
Host a Single Primary Website plus an Unmetered number of add-on Websites, within the same cPanel account.
FREE SSL Certificate (https://)
UNMETERED* Domain based Email Addresses
UNMETERED*Parked Domains
UNMETERED* MariaDB Databases
cPanel™ Control Panel - more»
6,000 MB Disk Space
80,000 MB (apx 80 GB) Monthly Data Transfer
PHP 5.6 or 7
MariaDB 5.5
Softaculous Premium - more»
FREE Spam Filtering
FREE Anti Virus Filtering
Professional Network Architecture with powerful USA based servers - more»
24 / 7 FTP Access
Web Based File Manager
Detailed Traffic Stats - more»
cPanel Backup Manager**
RAID Harddrives
Custom Error Pages
.htaccess control
Password Protect Directories
phpMyAdmin Console
Webmail Access
Catch All Default Email Address
Email Redirects
Email Aliaes
Email Autoresponders
MX Record Modification
Own CGI-Bin Directory
Server Side Includes (SSI)
Network Tools
Cron Job Editor
Access To Raw Log Files


1000 MB disk space is approximately equal to 8,000-12,000 average sized website pages.
10,000 MB (approx 10 GB) data transfer is approximately equal to 60,000 - 100,000 visitors/month.
Most websites use far less diskspace and bandwidth than this. Clients can start on our small plans, and upgrade to larger plans if their usage grows.

Unused bandwidth expires at the end of each month.
Errors and omissions excepted.

* Unmetered - Unmetered refers to the number of websites, email accounts, sub domains, databases etc, that can be hosted within a hosting account, within the allocated diskspace that comes with each hosting plan. This means that we don't put a quota on the quantity you are able to setup within reason.

** CPanel Backup Manager - Maintaining backups of your website, email and any other files you store on the server is a very important part of maintaining your website and online presence. So it is very important that all clients backup their website files, emails and databases on regular basis, and prior to making any major website changes. This allows that backup to be available to you in the event of data loss at any time. Clients can use the built in CPanel backup manager as a convienence to backing up their data. This is provided as is, and is used at the clients own risk, and we don't guarantee that it will work as intended. Clients should always check the integrity of any backup and that it contain all the files they need. The CPanel backup manager will only be able to make a backup if you have enough free diskspace in your hosting account and are under any server inode limits. Clients are also be able to make backups by using a third party backup service, as well as make manual backups by downloading files via FTP and extracting database backups from CPanel etc. Third party backup services will allow clients to backup their CPanel account if it is over any limits. Clients with critical business information or important data are strongly encouraged to use a third party backup service to protect their data from any unforeseen circumstances which include but are not limited to, server failures, data corruption or data loss or failure of any of our upstream providers. Although our upstream providers do server backups, these backups may not always be available. Clients must make sure that at all times they always have a copy of any data they store on the servers, including website and email data, and this is a requirement of using our services. Clients on our Corporate and Business Class hosting plans do not have access to the CPanel Backup Manager, as it doesn't use CPanel, so these clients must make their own manual backups of all files, databases and emails, or use a third party service. At no time shall we assume any liability for lost customer content or data of any kind, including but not limited to emails, website files and databases.

FREE SSL (https) certificates - These are only available on our premium CPanel branded web hosting plans. These are basic automated third party SSL certificates, which are are provided by the CPanel software. They are not transferable to other hosting providers. Free SSL certificates are not available on our NZ based Corporate and Business Web hosting plans, however you can purchase a certificate to use on these plans.

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