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SuperHost - New Zealand Web Hosting & Domain Names
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Free Hosting Plan:

Our Free Hosting Plan provides you with free domain hosting services for your domain name. This allows you to setup an UNLIMITED number of URL and Email forwarders/redirections. Alternatively you can setup your own custom domain zone templates, where you can point different services to different servers, and setup you own MX, A Records etc.

To signup to our free domain hosting service.

(1) First, setup a Free Domain Manager account at Then either register a new domain, or transfer an existing domain name across. .NZ domain name transfers are INSTANT, unlike some other providers which can take hours/days, so you can start setting up URL and email forwarders immediately. Also all existing domain registration credit is transferred with the domain, as long as your old provider applied it correctly to your domain. Forwarders can be setup by following the instructions here.

(2) To setup and edit your our custom domain templates, please go to , logging in with your same username and password. Tutorials can be found here. Please note that this is quite advanced stuff and not for the novice, so you may need to submit a support ticket if you need support for setting up. Please refer below for information on support for our free plan.

Our free domain hosting service is only available if you register and retain your domain registration services through us. As soon as a domain is transferred away or expires, we reserve the right to delete any free services you have with us at any time.

Please note that our Free Hosting plan is self service only, and provided as is. In terms of support, we do provide free access to our online tutorials at showing how to set these up. We however don't provide free personalised support for our free hosting plans, or any free support in setting up domain templates. If you require personalised support for our free hosting plan, there is a minimum of $25+gst support fee, per support incident.

Please note that our free domain hosting service does not provide you with any website or email storage space. If you require website or email storage, please browse our paid web or email hosting plans to the left. Our free hosting service also does not include the cost of domain registration.

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